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The “Magna Movies” information continues below, but allow me to indulge in a quick detour from the usual theme for this site.
I was lucky to be one of the composers of new music presented at a concert in Salt Lake City in early October. Click the pic below to see a video with a “demo” recording of the music, along with an explanation of the title, which came from an incident in local history.


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The following sections were done in advance of the “Movies Made in Magna” event in September 2014.  This was the latest installment in an annual series of seminars focussing on a different art form each year.  The Magna Arts Council has now done three of these, covering Books, Art (paintings), and Films.  Which branch of Arts should we spotlight in September 2015?

We’ll leave the following up on this website until we are ready to add new content for next year’s seminar.  Then the key portions the the “Magna Movies” content will be consolidated into a single page for future reference and curiousity.

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** Added September 12, 2014

Here is a link to download a list of more than 20 Movies & TV Shows made in Magna, Utah. The list includes brief descriptions and ratings. It is available in two layout formats – you can choose either letter or brochure style. The second is formatted to fold into a brochure by printing the two pages back to back. Both are in pdf format, viewable on most computers, tablets, etc., and easy to print and share. (Requires the free Adobe PDF Reader or comparable software.)





** Added September 8, 2014

Thanks to Robert Goble for agreeing to be the moderator for the panel discussion portion of this event.  Rob is a well-known local author, and has worked with several of the other invited guests on various projects.

To all coming to the “Movies Made in Magna” event this Saturday, Sept. 13th, you can double your Artsy fun. Just before the Movie event, there is another event …. (cut description of the event – now past… For Fall Boutique details, click here.)


Coming in September 2014 – a free public arts event on “Movies Made in Magna.”
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click to play a promo video for this event

The Magna Arts Council is presenting this special free event to recognize our local film & video creators and the talented artists who perform in films and on TV.

On Saturday, September 13th 2014, from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Magna Library, film lovers will gather to share their interest in local productions and talent. This event is open for anyone who wants to see clips from local productions and even hear from actors and film makers (to be announced) talk about their creations and process.



See the page links above for more details of specific details of this subject, and check lower on this page for short notes on various other local arts events.

** update: August 31, 2014
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** update: August 24, 2014
Was great to meet so many local film lovers at the recent Magna Main Street Arts Festival. Also got some tips about additional films to add to the list of films with local ties. See the Movie List page for the most recent additions.

** update: August 21, 2014
See the “Movie List” page for hints about the possibility of another big film, “Wild Horses”, shooting in Magna.

** update: August 15, 2014
Announcing three of the featured guest who will be making presentations and answering questions at the event. See the details at: the Featured Guests page.



More Local Arts Event News:



The biggest single event on the local arts calendar, the annual Magna Main Street Arts Festival, was a big success on Saturday, August 23rd. It featured more vendor booths than ever. As always, it was free to attend and enjoy the wide-ranging concerts and art displays. Details at the festival’s facebook page.

Start planning now for the 2015 festival. Vendor space will still be available, and volunteers are always needed to help as co-ordinators or general helpers in various positions.



Make it a double-art day in Magna on September 13th. In addition to the “Movies Made in Magna” event, four authors are featured at a Fall Boutique and Book Signing event, which also includes some specialty vendors. Event is at Nonna’s restaurant – conveniently across the street from the Library where the movie event happens. For more details and links to the individual participating authors, see the web page of event organizer and local author Mary Martinez.



click to play another, older promo video about the upcoming local films event




E-mail for more information or to give suggestions.         ( info @ art in magna . com )


Please look over the other pages on this site for more information, and check back as the event date approaches for more complete details.

This is the third in an annual series of “special events” by the non-profit Magna Arts Council to spotlight local arts creators. (The 2012 event featured Books & Authors of Magna, and 2013 spotlighted local artists. Other forms of artistic expression will be highlighted in coming years.)

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