– Art in Magna –

Paint-it in Magna

– Coming April 21, 2018 –
** SOLD OUT **
Watch for future sessions in this series.

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Note: This website is only getting occasional updates, usually about specific short-term events.

For more complete and current information about the current programs of the Magna Arts Council please see their main information outlet by visiting the Facebook Page for the Magna Arts Council or the Magna Town’s website.

The main purpose of this website is to provide information about the annual “Arts in Magna” seminar. The seminar is a free, public event in Magna in September each year. Each event takes a closer look at one branch of arts each year.  See the individual pages above for archived information about varied arts topics covered in past seminars.

The most recent seminar was in September 2017 and focussed on Theatre in Magna. Topics for previous years were “Movies Made in Magna”, art, and local books & authors, and each of those topics has a page linked above.


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