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Next “Art in Magna Seminar” will be on the subject of Theatre.  And Theater.  (Because spelling matters.)   This will be a free, fun overview of the topic, including a look at the history of live theaters in Magna, as well as some great quest speakers to share their experiences in the field.  And maybe even a bit of LIVE theatre with a fun Improv Comedy troupe

This will be on Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 at Magna’s Empress Theatre. For updates and the latest details, please see the Facebook page of the Magna Arts Council. (You don’t need a Facebook account to read that page.


Note: This website is only getting occasional updates. For more timely information please see the main information outlet by visiting the Facebook Page for the Magna Arts Council or the Magna Town’s website.

The main purpose of this website is to provide information about the annual “Arts in Magna” seminar, and to maintain links about various arts and artists in Magna, Utah. This page is set up by a volunteer with the Arts Council of Magna, but it is NOT the main contact or information page for the Arts Council – only an auxilliary page to host and archive information beyond “current events” info.

See the Arts Council of Magna’s current activities on their Facebook page. There you will see additional information on local arts and culture, including the Magna Town Orchestra and Community Choir, Annual Arts Seminar, Summer Concerts in the Park & Movies in the Park, local festivals, etc.

In addition to sharing news on current and upcoming events, the other purpose of this page is to share information about an annual seminar on local arts.  The seminar is a free, public event in Magna in September each year in which we take a closer look at one branch of arts each year.  See the individual pages above for archived information about varied arts topics covered in past seminars.

The most recent seminar was in September 2015 and focussed on Music in Magna. Topics for previous years were “Movies Made in Magna” in 2014, art in 2013, and local books & authors in 2012.


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